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POSH «Born Out Of Silence»


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An unmistakable voice, expressive and heartfelt – this is POSH.

Born literally out of silence – their brand-new record «Born Out Of Silence» has got its face by many nocturnal and magical moments. Demandingly loud such as in track «What Brings The Day», at other times Tarantino-soundtrack-alike such as in «Won’t Obey» or sometimes soft and gentle like «Is It You»: This music brings back long forgotten memories, rummages through your brain in search of valuables rich in the weightlessness of summer, youthful foolishness and delirious euphoria.

The entire posh whippersnappers can pack their bags – POSH give the lie to their own name and take you into the sweet madness in the eye of a wafting festival sound storm. No unnecessary detours, but powerful riffs, catchy refrains – pure alternative rock, reduced to the essentials.

In her texts, singer Martina Dieziger ponders about life’s unpredictability, every day stumbling blocks and emotional depths – but also about the struggle back into the light, self-confidence as well as the cathartic sensation of a brand-new start.

And this record opens a new chapter, indeed. With their albums «Innocent» and «What’s Wrong With Being...?» released in the so called noughties, POSH not only were featured regularly on air but with their vibrant and energetic Live-Performance were also invited to perform on the main stages at Open Air St. Gallen, Open Air Gampel or Bex Rock Festival, to name just a few. And certainly, there aren’t many Swiss acts which can pride themselves on support gigs for Stereophonics and Bon Jovi.

After a radio silence of some years, POSH is now a strong sign of life and presents a band which picks itself up with renewed vigour and dives into the fray at the front of the pack. The new album «Born Out Of Silence» was written by Martina Dieziger and Andi Schneider. Produced and recorded by Andi Schneider at his own studio, but to a large extend also at the most famous New Sound Studio in cooperation with Tommy Vetterly (Coroner, Kreator, Stephan Eicher).

Mixed by Tommy Vetterli at New Sound Studio, Pfäffikon SZ -
Mastered by Dan Suter at Echochamber, Zürich -
Stringarrangement “Is It You“ & “With You Again“ by Wolfgang Drechsler